privacy policy

Please read the privacy policy fully and carefully before using ligai.com.br (our "site"), applications, services and content offered by Ligaí to users.

This document describes our policies and procedures used to promote our service, features, content and/or applications on any platform. The privacy policies described below determine the set of legal terms and conditions of use.

We value, look after and guarantee your privacy and for this reason we have made a public commitment not to reveal your personal information to third parties and we will not use your personal information to send third-party promotional material (SPAM).

When you access the site, you are consenting to the collection, analysis, manipulation, transfer and use of your personal information.

The site reserves the right to use the information collected through your consent, to promote its services and prepare statistical data for dissemination in social media, multimedia, newspapers, radio, television or any communication vehicle.

The privacy policy covers the treatment of personal information that the user introduces through our services, applications and communication tools. The policy also covers all external information shared with us by you or your business partners.

This document does not cover information you submit to third parties that we do not own or control, nor does it cover information you share with third parties.

This statement does not apply to practices used by third parties who control the user's information and/or collect it through third party services.

The information we collect enables us to customize, promote and operate our services, so we collect information regarding the user's professional life and only personal information that adds value to the user through our services.

We automatically capture information available on the Internet and store it in a database. The information may include, but is not restricted to, IP Address, browser information, date and time, operating system and browsing time.

Collection technologies such as cookies, tags and scripts are used by the site and our business partners to analyze site performance, track user's movements, collect geographic data, enable access to our business partners' services, and to perform user customer support.

We do not share your personal information with third parties that are not under our control.

Sometimes you may use third party systems that already have your personal information, giving the impression that we share that data with them, but we do not. We are not responsible for the information you disclose through other sites, you are responsible for your personal information, so please read carefully and understand the privacy policies of each site you visit.

As part of our services you may occasionally receive e-mails or other institutional messages where we use your name to personalize the communication, these communications have the purpose of presenting opportunities for promotions, offers and/or information that we deem relevant for your better use of our services.

We employ people and/or contract with third parties to perform certain tasks, under our control, necessary for the provision of the services, so we may need to share basic information such as: Name and Address for mailing, e-mail address for sending relevant information, IP address for security agents and audits, and so on, so the above examples are illustrative and are not restricted to them.

We expressly state that our staff has neither permission nor rights to share your personal data with anyone without your prior consent, so we share with them only what is necessary to perform the service.

We also reserve the right to access, read, preserve and disclose any of your personal information as we deem necessary to (i) satisfy applicable laws, regulatory frameworks, legal proceedings or governmental requests, (ii) ensure that the terms of use of our services are not violated, (iii) detect, prevent and/or resolve allegations of fraud, personal and/or institutional security breaches, SPAM, cyber attacks, technical problems or any circumstances affecting the proper functioning of our services, (iv) respond to technical support requests or (v)
protect our rights, property or safety, our users and the general public.

Individual public and/or non-personal information may be shared at any time, with any business partners, as long as the information cannot be derived from who owns it.

The security of your personal information is very important to us, however no security method is 100% secure today and while we cannot guarantee absolute security, we employ the latest security technologies.

When you enter sensitive information (e.g. passwords, identity records, credit cards, digital means of payment, etc.) we encrypt it immediately before and after sending it over Internet communication channels using the secure protocol (SSL).

When it is necessary to store the information, we encrypt it irreversibly if possible (as in the case of passwords), using individual keys per piece of information, generated randomly.

When it is necessary to recover the sensitive information stored, we use encryption algorithms (RSA), using individual public/private keys per piece of information and generated randomly, using operational processes that break the data into parts that prevent access through reverse engineering.







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Uma operação é uma tarefa realizada pelo LIGAÍ ao executar seus cenários. Independentemente de quantos pacotes um gatilho recupera, sempre que um gatilho é executado, é considerado como uma operação. Cada vez que uma ação executa uma tarefa, ela é contada como 1 operação. Suponha, por exemplo, que você tem um cenário que deve recuperar 2 novos Dropbox imagens e publicá-las no Google Fotos e no Facebook. Para executar este cenário, o LIGAÍ executará 5 operações (1x recuperando do Dropbox, 2x postando no Google Fotos e 2x postando no Facebook). O número de operações realizadas durante a execução de um cenário pode ser encontrado em Histórico. O número de operações disponíveis depende da assinatura que você adquiriu. Transferência de dados é a quantidade de dados transferidos por meio de seu cenário. Suponha que você tenha um cenário que recupera uma imagem de 100kb do FTP e reduz seu tamanho para 50kb e salva ambas as imagens no Dropbox. A quantidade de dados usados neste cenário é 150kb. Os dados movidos entre os módulos são contados apenas uma vez, independentemente do número de módulos implantados. A quantidade de dados disponíveis depende da assinatura que você adquiriu. O intervalo mínimo é o menor tempo possível entre duas execuções de cenário sucessivas. Você pode definir o intervalo no painel de configuração de programação . Novamente, o intervalo mínimo disponível depende da assinatura que você adquiriu.
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intervalo mínimo